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Video Production

Visual storytelling is our specialty. We'll handle all aspects of your production within budget and on time. 

Creative Direction

Think of us as your creative GPS. We'll help you navigate the twists and turns of your project with ease.


From unforgettable moments to brand glow-ups and product showcases, we create images that aren't just seen, but felt.

No matter the medium, We create Award-winning content that breaks the mold.


Who are we?

We're Mostly Film Stuff, an Emmy-winning creative agency that produces mold-breaking content across multiple mediums.


Every project deserves a unique approach. That's why through our personalized process, we ensure that your vision is brought to life in a way that exceeds expectations. 


We’re not satisfied with just making content – we want to create lasting experiences.

Michael Martin


Bryce Fender

Lead Strategist

Moisés Velázquez

Founder / Lead Director

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Seen enough?

If not, keep browsing. We won't tell.


Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Winner

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Winner | Education/ School | Program Feature: World Without Black People.

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2021 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Education Station -YMCA

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2021 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Feeding Families – School Meals Continue During a Pandemic

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Special: MOVE: A Meadowood School

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