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Meet Moisés

Introducing Moisés, an easygoing dreamer-turned-Emmy-Winning Director and Creative Consultant based in Wilmington, Delaware.

Renowned as a maestro of his craft, Moisés proudly claimed the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Emmy for his captivating Program Feature, "A World Without Black People," and his exceptional talent has earned him over 4 additional Emmy nominations.

In addition to his accolades, Moisés also serves as the Creative Director for Maestro's Classic, where he skillfully crafts their captivating image and visual identity. Additionally, he is the founder and creative force behind Better Puzzles, collaborating with talented artists to create beautiful jigsaw puzzles while supporting their artistic endeavors.

With his easygoing nature and keen eye for detail, Moisés is your go-to expert for every stage of production, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable creative journey. Allow him to bring your vision to life and witness his exceptional creativity in action.

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Take a gander at some of my favorite projects.

"When I began filmmaking my mantra was always to make each video better than the last. That way of thinking has led me to where I am today. Whether it's a video or helping develop a brand and its identity, I always push to reach new heights." -Moisés

Creativity knows no bounds.

"It all starts with an idea that sparks inspiration. Seeing a project take shape is something truly beautiful.
Below are a few of my favorite projects that go beyond filmmaking. To me, it's all about creativity and finding new ways to tell a story." - Moisés


Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Winner

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Winner | Education/ School | Program Feature: World Without Black People.

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2021 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Education Station -YMCA

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2021 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Feeding Families – School Meals Continue During a Pandemic

Mid-Atlantic Emmy 2019 Nominee

Nominee 2021 | Education/School | Special: MOVE: A Meadowood School

NASCAR // Vehicle Design

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The opportunity to design the Maestro's Classic Xfinity Car was a huge moment for Moisés. 

Better Puzzles // Packaging Design

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Moisés founded and designed Better Puzzles and its visual identity. The boxes were a major step into the world of product packaging designing. 

DannyLux // Un Momento - coming soon

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Moisés not only Directed the upcoming DannyLux Music Video, he also crafted its visual identity through props and lighting design.

Better Puzzles // Photography

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Having designed Better Puzzles from the ground up, photographing them was only further proof of Moisés' creative wide-ranging expertise.

Maestro's Classic // Photography

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Photographing various products and people for Maestro's Classic has always held a special place in Moisés' heart. 

Maestro's Classic // Graphic design

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As the Creative Director for Maestro's, Moisés regularly creates new visuals for the web and other platforms.  


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