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Better Puzzles | Case Study #1

Branding / Packaging Design  / Graphic

Better Puzzles was a company Moisés and Bryce started during the rise of the pandemic. What began as just an idea, quickly evolved into a two-year project. The journey expanded their knowledge and opened doors they would have never reached without Better Puzzles.  

Creatively, the project further developed Moisés' graphic and artistic side. He not only curated the first series but also designed all the necessary packaging and marketing materials. The project also inspired the creation of an Artist Video Series; which allowed Moisés a step into the art world. 

Respectively, Bryce expanded his knowledge into the world of Product Sourcing, project management, and overall logistics. Like Moisés, his artistic side developed and he gained a greater appreciation for all things creative. 

Together, the two gained hours of experience starting and running a business. They ultimately used their new skills and began consulting for Maestro's Classic, a global Men's Product company.

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Maestro's Classic | Case Study #2

Photo & Video / Media Buying / Branding / Packaging Design  / Graphic 

While Moisés and Bryce were working on Better Puzzles, an important question arose that would change everything, "How are we gonna sell these?". This question led them on a month-long deep dive into the world of Media Buying and Marketing. There came a point where they needed to put their newfound skills to the test. 

That's where Maestro's Classic comes into the picture. Early on, they found huge success via retail partnerships on a national level. However, their e-commerce footprint was often overlooked. Moisés, having freelanced for Maestro's called the CEO and proposed running ads for free, so long as they provided the ad spend. The deal was approved and for the next year and a half, Moisés and Bryce successfully ran campaigns seeing an average return of 250%. 

Media buying was only the beginning for the two. They began digging deeper and looking at what the data was telling them. From here, they began suggesting changes that went beyond Branding or Marketing. Their suggestions began positively changing the culture and sparking an internal re-evaluation. This ultimately led to new marketplaces such as Amazon, where they saw a 400% increase. 

Better Puzzles was a project that led to self-discovery, self-learning, and ultimately new opportunities. Moisés was offered a position by Maestro's Classic as their Creative Director. Bryce remained on as a consultant, but would ultimately take his newfound skills and apply them to the Non-Profit and Startup World where he consults to this day. 

In the end, the two apply everything they've learned in their daily lives. Whether it's Moisés Directing Videos, and planning new campaigns, or Bryce helping businesses or organizations get to the next level. They wouldn't change anything, because that's what's made them, Better.


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